A vaginal health clinic for women by women



Providing women with information to aid in decision making for their own well being is why we – three fellowship trained female urogynaecologists – decided to open this clinic.  You deserve to feel better than what you ever thought possible, with expert and gentle care.

We’re often asked why we chose to be in this field, and why we chose to be in business with each other.  

As urogynaecologists, our area of focus is correcting and managing pelvic floor concerns. This includes surgical and non surgical techniques and interventions to help with bladder concerns – recurrent bladder infections, peeing too much or leaking; sexual dysfunction – vaginal pain; pelvic organ prolapse – vaginal laxity, “dropped” bladder, uterus or rectum. These are not life threatening conditions but they are often life limiting – stopping women from living the life they want. Too often women comment that they just thought this was something they had to live with or that they were too embarrassed to talk about it with anyone, even their family doctor.

Urogynaecology is a relatively new field and we wanted to be part of this emerging field of medicine to help women. We want women to feel better. We want to do this by advocating for and educating women.

Our hope is that this blog serves to fulfill these basic tenets – by sharing our voice, but also the voices of others who share our passion and enthusiasm.